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Strange self-portraits!

I just got an email from Wix - who I use to create and host my site - about self portraits: Put yourself in the Spotlight with These Self Portrait Ideas. It gives 25 tips on how to take better photos of yourself, but it seems that a lot of the examples used are not self portraits, but photos taken by a photographer of someone else. My problem isn't that these are not good tips or that the photos are not good either, but how you go about setting up and photographing some of these shot is quite impractical. I know there is quite a lot of new equipment out there nowadays that let photographers set up interesting shots, but the patience it would take for some of these might not be worth the effort.

A close up of an eye is extremely difficult to achieve if you are taking your own eye; dancing in mid-air may seem easy, but you have to time the shutter release with enough time to run in front of the camera and jump at exactly the right moment. Okay, there can be multiple shots, but only so many. Panorama shots advise that someone else moves the camera and releases the shutter - is this really a self portrait?

I think it would have been better to at least give some tips on how to photograph yourself instead of showing non-self portraits as examples. I like the Wix blogs and their takes on various aspects of photography from taking photos to showcasing them on the website, but this is a bit of no-starter for me!

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