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Morocco from the Hip


Photographing in Morocco is not as easy as it seems.  People are not very open to having their photos taken, especially any women.  This posed a problem from the outset as I take care to frame my photos through the lens and not by cropping them in post-production.  It meant quite a lot of the photos had to be shot from the hip, so to speak.  I couldn't see exactly what I was photographing, but the skills I had honed from perceiving the final image in advance, so I knew where I had to stand to make a good composition, came in handy. The first couple of days were a bit dodgy as I figured out the angles I had I hold the camera to frame the scene in front of me, but little by little I was able to make adjustments and I began to capture some great shots.  If you like them you can purchase some from the shop.


Their Moroccans were welcoming and I enjoyed a number of good times in their company.  A conversation I had as I queued for food all came about when I stopped a football as it rolled across the pavement.  When I replied I was from Ireland the name of Robbie Keane was mentioned and I ended up sharing a meal with a couple of avid footballs fans, who in turn informed me of some great places to visit.  Nothing like meeting the locals to find out some hidden gems to photograph.

The Exhibiton

I sponsored this exhibition myself which was put on in Boyle Library, Co. Roscommon, who were wonderful in their assistance in getting the exhibition up and running.  For the opening I had included a small taste of Morocco with a carpet, some sitting cushions and a few items to help evoke the feelings of the country.  I also had served a Moroccan tagine dish which the staff helped by setting up a bain-marie in their back room.

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