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Boyle Portraits

With over 130 photos of people passing through the small town of Boyle over the last two months the photographer, David j., captured a snapshot of the town for his work for the Boyle Arts Festival.

Two guys posing for camera.
Cialan Zabel & Adam Twocock

We were overwhelmed by the positive response to the project and the traction it seemed to attract in the local community and further afield. There have already been responses from abroad complimenting the work and even a viewer from Philadelphia, who can't wait to come visit the Boyle Arts Festival in 2024.

Man carrying camera and photo bag
Benny Morgan

There has been interest in developing the project further, but we will have to take some time to reflect before any plans are made in that respect. For now we are completing admin work, and getting set to print off some of the purchases made during the exhibition, with new work finding ho,es across the country and travelling as far as Spain, Canada and Australia - a truly international occasion.

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