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I was asked to be interviewed by a participant on the QQI programme - Quality and Qualifications Ireland is an independent State agency responsible for promoting quality and accountability in education and training services in Ireland - which I naturally could not refuse as learning can never be NOT an option. It was quite interesting with questions on work as a free-lancer...and how to get it, financial aids for creative industries, etc, but it got most interesting towards the end when we discussed what the participant was doing himself.

Creative screen grab from interview
Screen grab from interview - naturally creative!

It turns out he has been working with stop-motion animation, but with 8mm film. He's been using tungsten lights to get that warm effect, but has experimented with LED, although he doesn't like the deep shadows they give. I haven't had the pleasure of viewing any of the work to date. so can't comment, but am excited to see some of it which Bernie is willing to set up and show through his projector - a proper cinema experience I'm looking forward to.

This event was for the student to gain some insight into the creative industry and how it works here in rural Ireland, but I think it may work out as an equal opportunity with the industry learning about a different talent.

I appreciate being asked by the QQI programme and glad I was able to help learners in their career. Always the best of luck to anyone starting out, but particularly in the creative arts.

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