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Culture Night 2022

Culture Night screening on Friday, 23rd September, 2022 at the Riverside Studio, Boyle featuring over 20 short films from the Sligo, Leitrim, Roscommon region. A large turn out meant a full house with some members of the public unable to gain entry. 


It was great to have our poetry film, The Sky's A Lie, selected for the Culture Night SLR Shorts and a pleasure to see the quality and range of other short films being produced in the North West on what was a thoroughly enjoyable evening. - Donal Conaty I'll proudly put the laurel on the film's poster. - Lee Williamson It was lovely to participate in the SLR Shorts screening for Culture Night 2022 and see films from the Sligo, Leitrim and Roscommon region. A really enjoyable evening and chance to connect with filmmakers and artists in the region.   - Emma Brennan, writer/director/producer Many thanks for organizing the event which provided a window for local talents to showcase their film-making visions and skills. - Jian Xiong I was honoured to have my short film, “John the Map”, selected for screening in the SLR Shorts programme for Culture Night 2022. The event, which was very well organised and very well attended, provided a great platform for me to screen my work to a wider audience. The Culture Night SLR Shorts programme is of enormous value to filmmakers in the region. - Trevor Sweeney Great to have a film festival as part of the Culture Night SLR Shorts, be great to have it again. Lovely to meet local talented people. Thanks for selecting our film ‘Circuit Love’ - CC Braithwaite

Featured Films

A woman wakes up in a field and is led to a ladder.

A hardy Irish open-water swimming veteran opens up about his life experience and passion for the water.

Video poem, written by Jessamine O'Connor.

A mini-documentary profiling Sligo-based raconteur, world traveller and creator of fine decorative maps, John 'The Map' Callanan.

The work acts as a document of the light and sound of a forest slowed down past the point it would usually be perceived by humans.

This short documentary follows her on a journey to her home country and takes a closer look at her work process whilst on a residency in the town of Alanis near Seville in Spain.

The Burden of Imagination is a video piece that explores from an outermost viewing point.

An animated film of observational poems, which are called Splinters because they tend to be sharp and get under the skin of the reader.

Being alone can bring moments of beauty and joy, especially when one merges with nature.

Inspired by a conversation Paul Mc Garry had with his nephew Neill & the care Neill received under ‘The Northwest Hospice’ in 2009

This work is a tribute to the ash tree and an observation of the visual and emotive effect of its slow demise caused by ash dieback, a fungal disease (chalara fraxinea).

1980’s Computer student Lewis works around the clock trying to develop a computer code that will enable him to create a virtual world.

The Buildings is a short documentary in response to the 1961 film Irish immigrants in Britain.

A film poem exploring the complexities of immigration and migration and their affect on the individual.

Nowtopia is a response to the Covid 19 lockdown in 2020. The term was coined by Chris Carlsson. It refers to de-growth and bringing value to what is ignored by market forces.

An experimental film exploring relationships, power play and coercive control.

This short film documents the work process of pioneer potter Helena Brennan, her life in handmade craft and design, and its place in the world.

About a couple and their love of butter.

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