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Film Shoots

Some of the film shoots our talent has been involved with over the years which includes working as stills photographer, editor, post-production effects and sound.

Six Days poster

Six Days

Camera / Post-production sound / Editing

Frank Shouldice's performance accompanied by cellists Frieda Freytag & Rob Campbell in King House, Boyle.

A last minute decision to record this meant using a handheld camera with audio coming directly through the camera microphone.  A lot of post-prodcution on sound was required  with only snippets of footage taken on the hoof complicated matters even further.  For the circumstances a good record of the performance was made. View it here!

Ann (working title 13 Hours)

Sound Operator
Stills Photographer & BTS

Filmed in Boyle, Co. Roscommon in July 2021 and based on the true story of Ann Lovett, a teenage girl who became pregnant in early 1980's Ireland. 

Produced by Hill Sixteen Productions we were asked to work as boom operator with Mariana Soto (sound recordist) for the first week before assisting Stefan, who took over the role.  During the last few days of the shoot we were requested to take some behind the scenes (BTS) photos and film stills where possible, which you can view here


Medical Aid

Sound Op / Editor / SFX

Filmed in Co. Roscommon, Ireland in 2019 for Box of Tricks Productions.  Written by Eric Fitzgerald & Christine Braithwaite is a short comedy film. Black Hole Studio worked as boom on the production and edited the film and added the SFX using Adobe After Effects in post-production.


Happy Hour

Stills Photographer

Gringo Films Gmbh, a German film shot in Skibereen, Co. Cork in 2013 for Pint Sized Productions and directed by Franz Müller it tells the story of three friends taking a holiday to Ireland after one had a devastating breakup from his wife. 

Black Hole Studio were hired for the stills photography on set.

Expiry Date

Sound Op

Filmed in Strokestown, Co. Roscommon in early 2020.  Written by Rose Byrne and directed by Christine Braithwaite for Box of Tricks Productions. Black Hole Studio were asked to work as sound operator for this production. 

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