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Super Hero Shenanigans

Comic Cover

As part of the Brothers of Charity, Roscommon - Outreach Programme. I was asked to work with teenagers to create their very own comic book. The process was to first find out what they were interested in and then to create a story around it, in which they could be the characters.  It turned out that all of the participants on this workshop had a penchant for Super Heroes and video games - so the theme of the story was set.  After much brainstorming and deliberation we came up with a super hero story which you can read in the online version below.

Making the Graphic Comic

Making Costumes.jpeg

When the story was complete we made a story-board so we knew all of the images required to tell our tale.  Props and costumes were made for each of the characters: The All New Superior Spiderman, Catboy, Electroman and Wonder Smile were the heroes, while Dec - A Master of the Universe - looked on from above.


Once the props and costumes were ready we set about photographing each the scenes in the studio and on location. Then it was into post-production changing the photos into graphic images that would match the style of graphic novels and then a simple matter of putting all of them together.

Check out the full comic in the online version below which you can download and print off, if you wish.

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