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3D Character model test on set

During this time of isolation I intend to embark on creating a short kafkaesque surreal B/W film in the German Expressionist style from the 1920's such as The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Nosferatu and Metropolis. The isolated protagonists facing bizarre or surrealistic predicaments and incomprehensible socio-bureaucratic powers.
The use of visual distortion and hyper-expressive performance to show inner turmoils, fears and desires, which reflect the inner conflicts to the woes an inescapably external presence.

You can view more research on this project on our dedicated Adobe Spark page.

Lighting Design Test

Isolation Lighting Design

Animated Characters


NouNou                                                                      Maureg                                                                      Ostril 

Here are some drawings I made for characters intended for animation for the project.  As these are hallucinogenic projections from the main protagonists paranoid mind they are to appear as alien beings.  The initial drawings will be animated in some form, probably using Adobe Animate or After Effects. I'm also going to try re-working the images using Illustrator to see how they look with vector graphics.

Above is the first animation test of the first character NouNou.  We're very happy with the results seeing that this took quite a short time to get to this intricacy of movement.  The latest versions of animation available just make life so much more fun!

Inside K's Mind


Here I was trying to get across the web of ideas and confusion in side k's mind.  I filmed a spiders web I allowed to grow over a period of a few months in my bathroom checking in on it every week to see how it was progressing. It was incredible to see how it developed from a single layer into this complexity of interconnected strands.  This was exactly how I'd imagined the workings of the protagonist as he dealt with his delusions.  I am hoping to work on this clip in After Effects to add various sparks and pulses as though ideas were being pushed about from one area to another. Can't wait to get my hands into this part of the project and see what comes out the other side.  

I've used one of the pieces of music that have been put together by Audiohörhaus who will be doing the soundtrack for the project, just to get an feeling in the space of a paranoid mind! 

We are grateful for any feedback, so let us know what you think 


Some musical ideas created by the alternative electronic ensemble Audiohörhaus that may be used towards the soundtrack.  These have been based on images, videos and storytelling from the early stages of the project.  The notion of deconstruction almost, as K and the world around him fall apart, but also a sense of isolation and  disconnect were the pre-requisites.  We think Audiohörhaus are hitting the mark. 

The titles below were representative of some of the ideas and characters, but these may change over the course of the project -

for example we used the Grub piece for Inside k's mind above.

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Isolation Soundtrack
Isolation Instagram

Isolation Project on Instagram

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