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Being There!

Photographic Art Project

Being There! is about the reality of living in rural Ireland.  Although it would appear for many, especially tourists visiting parts of Ireland outside of urban areas, that the beautiful scenery is an idyllic place to be.  However, hidden in the depths are some horrendous facts: suicide rates almost double that of urban areas; domestic abuse and violence in every village and town; sex trafficking and prostitution rampant throughout rural Ireland.

 The photographic images have been printed with an almost imperceptible text of drugs, sex, violence, arson & suicide as though it isn't even there. However, even though faint they leave an indelible mark that has to be dealt with.

This juxtaposition is further explored in the video below where the beautiful scenery is coupled with the sounds of a city - a place where most people think these type of crimes take place more readily.

Map to Studio Eleven
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