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New Residency

Some great news came in the the studio last week as I have been selected for a five week residency in the newly refurbished Roscommon Arts Centre. I'll be able to continue work on the Isolation Project as it will give me enough space to build the set and film it on location. As the space comes equipped with a Mac it means I can view any footage almost immediately and make changes as necessary. This will save an enormous amount of time as I won’t have to travel to and from the studio just to look at test work and can make adjustments straight away. Althuogh it is an open space environment it shouldn't cause any problems for audio as all dialogue, sound and foley work will be created in a sound studio and added in post-production.

Looking forward to moving in on August 18th and diving into work. Can't wait as this project has been simmering in my head for the last weeks unable to get much done due to lack of space. I'll be keeping you up-dated on the Facebook page and through this blog, so keep checking in to see how it's coming along.

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