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Medical Aid Complete!

Editing for the short film Medical Aid has been completed in studio. We're working on the final Visual Effects for the project which is the 'love scene' when the two main characters get together. The studio has already completed two other visual effect scenes for the project: animating the insides of the human oesophagus and the effects drugs have on Ronan the main protagonist.

We were commissioned by Box of Tricks Production to work on the editing and visual effects and are delighted that we are close to finishing here, so the project can go onto the next stages of post-production: colour-grading and sound. It has been great working with all the team, in particular Christine Braithwaite, who trusted us to get on with the work without much interference. She only ever got involved at the beginning to inform us of what she was hoping to achieve and then again when we were ready to show the work we'd done.

We look forward to passing the project back to Christine and can't wait to see the final result of the project which was co-written by Eric Fitzgerald. A big thanks to all the crew and cast who worked so hard on getting it this far. The end is in sight!

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