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Colour Grading

Eventually, we got the colour grading problems sorted out. Nothing actually to do with the grading itself, but with transferring the files. Black Hole Studio were editors for the Medical Aid film project produced by Box of Tricks Productions and directed by Christine Braithwaite. First we had to export the edited files as AAF, so they could be read by the grader. Dmitry Kelly. He was working on DaVinci Resolve. This posed no problem at all, but when we imported the graded files we had some problems adding them to the edited project in Premiere Pro.

Screenshot from the colour grading process for Medicl Aid
Before and after Colour Grading (Dmitry Kelly)

Not all of the files dropped in to the project, which left some of the clips ungraded while others were looking great. We tried a number of different approaches, but they all seemed to be in vain. However, we did manage to find a work-around, although quite time consuming. It meant having to input each of the graded files manually. That is to say, click on the edited clip, go to the dropdown menu of the LUT's and choose the correct colour graded file for that clip - for each and every clip. Luckily the project is not a full length feature, but still it is a very time consuming process which became longer when half way through the system crashed. Yes, I know we should have been saving regularly, but the auto-save feature was doing that for us, however, it didn't remember this after the crash. We did eventually get there.

Now all that is left to do is to tweak a few edits, add some stills that are introducing each of the scenes, complete the intro and add the final credits. Once this has been done it will be handed back to the production company to work on the sound. It's been a very good experience and we will be delving deeper into the export and import features on a smaller project, o we can figure out how this process is done for later projects. If anyone has had any similar problems and know of a solution we'd be delighted to hear from you!

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