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Sound Walk

We have put together our first sound walk for Nucleus Recordings. It features three tracks from Count Tornado's EP titled 'Under the Fridge'. It works by simply downloading the Echoes app and logging in using the QR Code. Then when you follow the path of the walk you will be able to listen to the three tunes from the EP. These will automatically change from one to the next as you continue your walk along the designated path.

QR Code from Nucleus Recordings
QR Code: Count Tornado in Mullingar

The walk begins in Oliver Plunkett Street near the Phone Spot, then turning onto Mount Street, the second track will play as you pass by Columbia Bar. Keep on walking towards the Arts Centre on Lynn Street and you'll be able to hear the third and final track. Naturally, you can begin at the end and work backwards, either way the tracks will change as you walk along the route.

For more information on the Sound Walk you can check it out on the Count Tornado in Mullingar. If you have any difficulties why not drop us a message leaving your mobile number and we'll call you back as soon as is possible to talk you through it.

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