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Platform 31 Submission

The Association of Local Authority Arts Offices, in collaboration with the Arts Council, present PLATFORM 31: a national opportunity for artists to develop their practice and test new ideas of collaboration, research, audience development, place-making and sharing their work.

I have just completed my application with over 15 hours to spare before the deadline - probably a record for me! The scheme is specifically not project or output focused. It will, however, establish a national, peer networking framework for participating artists, introducing them to a pool of critical thinkers to share their work and learnings, and encouraging a national conversation about creating work in local contexts.

The 31 artists ranked number 1 in their county will be offered a place on the pilot scheme in January 2021, so hopefully I'll have some good news to start off the New Year, and if not me then at least 31 others artists will.

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