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Decade of Centenaries: 1920 - 2020

This years brief for Roscommon's Culture Night marks the second in a series of visual art commissions for County Roscommon. The commission seeks visual/ film/ multidisciplinary artists to respond to Roscommon’s Struggle for Independence around the period of 1920, with 2020 vision. I have been thinking about this for a couple of weeks and an idea is slowly forming while in the process of researching how involved Roscommon was in the War of Independence. Ambushes, death threats and attacks on individuals all took place.

The technical aspect seems to be a bigger problem: having to quote the price of installing four projectors and sound systems at four different locations, over three nights all within budget seems to be much harder than I first thought - and the locations don't offer the best venues to showcase the work which will be projected onto the outside facades of buildings: King House, Boyle; Douglas Hyde Centre, Frenchpark; Roscommon Arts Centre, Roscommon; and one other location to be confirmed.

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