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Alien animation!

The most recent work on the Isolation Project has to do with some animated characters. I spent some time away from digital technology, got back to using pencil and paper and drew some alien like characters. These will be the hallucinogenic visions of the paranoid mind of the main protagonist in the film - they appear to either warn or terrify him in his state which he yet to discover.

Reminded of collage work by Aleksandr Rodchenko I experimented by adding some photographic elements to the drawings. They do add an extra layer of surrealism, but will have to think about how these can be animated for the final output, but something I'm looking forward to developing.

I made some preliminary animation tests using one of the characters and am delighted with the initial results. There is still a lot to work on with a number of iterations to come, but I am very happy with the direction it is going in. I have also decided to re-work the original drawings in vector graphics as I think this may bing another dimension to the characters, but have yet to see how this will pan out before making a decision. Let me know what you think of this work and any suggestions or ideas are welcomed!

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